The Next American President

At 12:00 noon on January 20th 2017, the forty fifth president of the United States of America was sworn into the highest office in our land. Our country was 241 years old; very young by historical standards, but with an abundance of problems as old as mankind itself.

A recent public opinion poll showed that sixty-eight percent of our citizens believed that America had seen its best days. By the same margin people were deeply concerned about what kind of a future their children and grandchildren would face. Greedy and selfish people had gained complete control of our government merely by buying the 535 congressional seats like you would purchase a pound of salami and our free and democratic nation was no longer either one.

And then we elected one of our own; an average, everyday, middle class citizen, indebted to no one with a deep abiding love for this country. He became known by friends and enemies alike as the toughest son of a bitch that ever walked through the front door of the White House. This is his story....... and yours.


Fred Seaman is a product of and lifelong resident of the "Show Me" state and has always had a deep and abiding love for its wooded hills and wandering streams, and for the greatest nation on earth which surrounds his native Missouri.

 He is a member of the Columbia chapter of the Missouri Writers Guild, the father of the best two kids ever, and lives with a little white crazy dog named Stretch.

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