What if...

What if, in the midst of a presidential election campaign, a segment of politically active Americans decided to find and support a representative member of true Americans,  to rise to the office of President of the United States. This person would be someone who spent his life working hard, and understood how to live as a common person. He knew how to balance the finances of a family, and how to sacrifice and make a life based upon what he had available for that purpose. He, by nature, possessed all of the 10 ingredients that we should be looking for in our next president that the book The Next American President describes.  He should be tough, honest, intelligent, compassionate, wary and must have common sense, integrity, courage, honor and virtue. This could be a man or a woman.  

If this were to happen, do you think a large enough segment of the American population would get behind this candidate and elect him?

Good morning happy readers!

Good morning happy readers!

Today is the first issue of our blog and I want to welcome you initial viewers and thank you for your interest in a better America.

Years ago I attended the University of Missouri, and much more recently have watched the candidates for president from both parties in their debates. Both of these things have come together in my mind and validated my opinion that we need to make some serious course corrections if our democracy is to survive and thrive.