Good morning happy readers!

Today is the first issue of our blog and I want to welcome you initial viewers and thank you for your interest in a better America.

Years ago I attended the University of Missouri, and much more recently have watched the candidates for president from both parties in their debates. Both of these things have come together in my mind and validated my opinion that we need to make some serious course corrections if our democracy is to survive and thrive.

It becomes more obvious each day that there are significant divides in our country that are having a tremendous and terrible impact on our way of life. These divides are not however the ones reported by the media. They have missed the issues completely.

The things that divide Americans are NOT people with black skin and people with white skin. There is no real differences in rank and file democrats and republicans. Red states vs blue states and liberals vs conservatives are not a reality.

Our divisions lie in good people with black or white skin,(or any other color for that matter), and bad people of any skin color. There is very little difference in the average Americans calling themselves republicans, democrats, or independents. But there is a divide the size of the Grand Canyon between our bought and paid for elected officials and we the average American citizen.

I want to say a lot more on this topic because I believe it is key critical to our future, but I also want to keep my part of this blog short and listen to you the reader. So please let me know your thoughts and we will talk more tomorrow.